Detective Calls ‘Jack Boys’ Gang Leader Unremorseful; 19-year Sentenced for 2010 Violent Crime Spree

Two years ago, from October 19 through November 27, there was a string of crimes that at first authorities did not realize were connected.

Those crimes included carjackings, armed robberies and a murder.

Wednesday, two defendants of the so-called Jack Boys gang were sentenced for their role in the crime spree.{description}

In 18 years with the Atlanta police department, homicide detective Vince Velazquez says it was rare that a unique homicide squad would be formed within the unit.

“They chose myself and three other detectives and that was basically the birth of our squad within in squad, if you know what I’m saying.”

That squad within the squad started investigating those crimes.

“What they did, they said we want you guys to concentrate on the murder, the rape and as many other crimes as you guys can link to them.”

Detective Velazquez says a break in the investigation came after a woman was carjacked and robbed of her bank card.

“One of the places it was used was a gas station on Memorial Drive. So, went to the gas station, using the time- stamp on the transaction was able to pull video of Tamario Wise basically pulling up in her car with another individual.”

In November of 2010, 39-year-old Charles Boyer and his girlfriend were robbed in Virginia Highland.

Boyer was shot and killed.

After interrogating others, Det. Velazquez says they confessed and implicated 17-year old Tamario Wise.

According to the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, Wise and two others were involved in 17 armed robberies and six carjackings.

They took place in Virginia Highland, Grant Park, Ormewood Park, Lakewood Heights, Old Fourth Ward and Benteen Park.

Velazquez calls the trio’s crime spree one of Atlanta’s most notorious.

“They actually shot at other people as they ran away. So, by the grace of God, those people didn’t get struck or we could have been looking at three or four other murders.”

Velazquez calls Tamario Wise unremorseful.

“Several times during the hearings and even thru tape-recorded phone calls that I was able to get from the jail of him talking to his family members…absolutely, I mean, just complete denial, not admitting anything and almost like he was reveling in the attention.”

Wednesday, Tamario Wise was sentenced to life without parole plus 14 consecutive life sentences plus a consecutive 2-hundred and 90 years.

Also sentenced was Fernandez Whatley, he received a 70 year sentence-30 behind bars, balance probated and

Robert Veal’s sentencing hearing has been re-set until Monday morning at 9AM.