Funny Until It’s Not: Times, Trials Of Atlanta’s Women In Comedy

Broadcast version of this interview

What do you get when you have four comedians in a recording studio? Far too much. 

Between jokes about oatmeal and cat ladies, four local comedic talents came into WABE’s studio to talk about Atlanta’s comedy scene and what it means for female comedians.

The comedians represent four of the main improv theaters in Atlanta.

  • Tara Ochs is a member of Dad’s Garage and also teaches and coaches there. She is an on-camera actress with her most notable role as Viola Liuzzo in the recent film “Selma.”
  • Sara Gaare performs and coaches at the Highwire Comedy Company. She also performs independently at other theaters, writes her own sketches and does stand-up.
  • Karen Ceesay used to perform main stage at Whole World Theatre, writes sketches, is a movie and television actress and has done voice over. She also teaches and coaches improv.
  • Cassidy Russell performs, coaches and teaches improv at the Village Theatre. She is also an actress and a visual artist.

“Hot Bit,” which you can hear at the beginning and end of the interview, was written and sung by Tara Ochs and Sara Gaare along with Whole World Theatre’s Tammy Harper and Lauren Goins.Extended version of this interview