Georgia Budget and Policy Institute outlines 2022 legislative priorities

georgia state capitol building

Just before the start of the Georgia General Assembly’s legislative session, GBPI released GBPI’s 2022 People-First Policy Priorities. (Jasmine Robinson/WABE)

David Barasoain / WABE

The senior tax and budget policy analyst at the Georgia Budget & Policy Institute says his organization’s priority each year is to look at policy issues and the state budget to ensure that all Georgians can thrive and succeed.

“We are going into a fundamentally important year where we are still on the heels of the COVID recession, Georgians across the state are trying to recover,” Danny Kanso said on Tuesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

During his conversation with program host Rose Scott, he talked about GBPI’s 2022 People-First Policy Priorities that were released ahead of the Georgia General Assembly’s legislative session.

Some of the priorities include advancing fiscally responsible tax reform proposalsrestructuring Georgia’s cash assistance programfully expanding Medicaid and mental health access.

Kanso also discussed GBPI’s research and advocacy efforts and the People  People-Powered Prosperity campaign.

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