Goodr shifts from fighting food waste to hunger amid the pandemic

Jasmine Crowe, the CEO of Goodr, returns to "Closer Look" to discuss her company’s ongoing response to combat hunger amid the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of Goodr)

Jasmine Crowe, the CEO of Goodr, felt uncertainty about the future of her company two years ago when the pandemic forced many of the businesses and organizations that her company traditionally partnered with to minimize food waste to close.

Quickly shifting into action, Crowe said she was reminded of her mission to serve people in need.

“We started creating popup grocery stores, going right into communities and food deserts and allowing families to come and shop for free,” said Crowe on Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

During the conversation, Crowe talked with program host Rose Scott about some of the misconceptions people have about people experiencing hunger and how her sustainable waste management company shifted its focus from food waste to combating hunger during the global health crisis.

Crowe also talked about her recent partnership with Atlanta rapper Gunna to open the Gunna’s Goodr Grocery Store and Drip Closet at Ronald E. McNair Middle School and the opening of a new grocery store for seniors at Lutheran Towers.