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How Buckhead Got Its Name

Sam Massell. Note the buck's head lapel pin.
Sam Massell. Note the buck's head lapel pin.
Credit Sam Massell

Sam Massell was born on August 26, 1927 in Atlanta, but he likes to point out that he has only lived in Buckhead for 61 years.

One thing most people notice about him right away is that he wears a prominently displayed lapel pin, in the shape of a buck’s head.

For this installment of our Storytellers series, we invited Sam Massell in to tell a story that he knows well, in relation to that lapel pin.

How did the town of Buckhead get its name?Sam Massell on the origin of Buckhead

Sam Massell served twenty-two years in elected offices—including eight as President of Atlanta’s Board of Alderman and four as the city’s mayor.  In 1988 he became the founding President of the Buckhead Coaliton… a job he’s held ever since.

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