M.C. Escher’s Math-Inspired Art Comes to Decatur

"'Day and Night' by M.C. Escher, 1938," detail seen here, is used on the postcard for the exhibit at Different Trains Gallery.
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Maurits Cornelis Escher – better known as M.C. Escher – is one of the world’s most famous graphic artists.

A selection of the 20th century Dutch master’s work is coming to Atlanta for two events, the 13th biennial “Gathering 4 Gardner” as well as the exhibit “M.C. Escher +” at Different Trains Gallery.

On “City Lights,” Lois Reitzes learned more about Escher’s life and work from scholar and mathematician Dr. Doris Schattschneider.

Dr. Schattschneider will give a free public lecture called “Math and M.C. Escher’s Art” at the Decatur Presbyterian Church on Friday,. The Different Trains Gallery exhibit “M.C. Escher +” opens Saturday and runs through June 9. There’s more information about Gathering 4 Gardner on their website.