Macy’s To Use Artificial Christmas Tree This Year

Hillary Zody / Christmas Lights Etc

It’s not real, but an incredible simulation.

For the first time ever, an artificial tree will be used outside the Macy’s at Lenox Square Mall. 

“It’s not necessarily a maintenance (issue) or an easier factor, because it’s still a very large tree.  It will stand 56 feet above the ground,” says Macy’s spokeswoman Melissa Goff.

Goff also says the decision came from customers’ requests to be more ecologically-friendly.

The tree, which will have about 45,000 LED lights, will be placed in the parking of Macy’s.

Goff says this will give visitors and shoppers a better chance to get a close look at the tree.

Macy’s is getting the tree from Christmas Lights, Etc., based in Alpharetta.

An audio version of this story.

Spokeswoman Hillary Zody says some people might not even notice the difference.

“It would be very difficult to tell that it’s not a real tree.  Other than the needles not falling and the scent is not there, of course,” says Zody.

She also says artificial trees are convenient and cost-effective.

“One of the beauties for businesses like Macy’s is that it can be bought in three-foot sections, so you can add to it, grow it each year as the budget allows and they’ll last for years and years,” says Zody.

The annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Macy’s is scheduled for Thanksgiving evening.