Making Sure Children’s Books Are Both Brave And Kind

Brave and Kind Bookshop is located in Decatur, Georgia.


Bunnie Hilliard is the owner of Brave and Kind Bookshop in Decatur. After her own children began to attend school full time, Hilliard asked herself what the next chapter of her life held in store. The answer was a children’s bookshop that focused on sharing stories about a diverse range of characters.

Growing up, Hilliard said the books she loved, like those by Judy Blume, were centered around characters that didn’t look like her.

Brave and Kind Bookshop carries stories with such titles as “What Color Is My Hijab” by Hudda Ibrahim, “A Girl Like You” by Frank and Carla Murphy and “Something Happened In Our Town: A Child’s Story About Racial Injustice” by Ann Hazard, Marianne Celano and Marietta Collins.