Kroger Limits Purchase Of Sanitation Products Amid Coronavirus Fears

Kroger customers are now greeted with signs limiting purchase of some sanitation products to five an order.

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

The grocery store chain Kroger has begun limiting the number of some sanitation products per customer, as fears over a possible coronavirus outbreak are clearing-out store shelves.

Customers are now greeted with signs limiting purchase to five products an order.

Georgia has confirmed its first two cases of COVID-19, the new coronavirus, in Fulton County this week.

Fulton County officials are investigating who may have come into contact with a father and son, who are in home isolation after they tested positive. The father had recently traveled to Italy.

Metro Atlanta officials say they are working alongside federal and state agencies to respond to coronavirus.

That includes MARTA, where officials say they’re continuing to thoroughly clean rail stations, buses, and trains. They’re focusing on “high touch” areas like handrails, elevator buttons, escalators, and ticket machines.

The transit agency is working with local health and transportation officials in case more of a response becomes necessary.

City of Atlanta and Fulton County officials say they’re also preparing.