re:imagine/ATL Produces Web Series For Teens, By Teens

Credit Courtesy of re:imagine/ATL

At 16, filmmaker Sierra Isley’s IMBD credits are already quite lengthy.

Her web series based on the Percy Jackson young adult series received over 200,000 views on YouTube, and she has created book trailers, music videos and more.

She is also the director of an upcoming web series. Called “No Comment,” the series is made by Atlanta teens for Atlanta teens.

Isley said that the series is meant to represent teenagers in a real way, something networks haven’t done well. On the one hand, there are the teenagers in Disney shows, who Isley described as “written in a certain way that doesn’t really allow them to express what they are really feeling, or if they do express what they are really feeling, it’s not relatable because it was written by adults.” Then, on the other side, there are the MTV-type representations with teenagers who party, drink and “make bad choices … It’s this idea of what a teenager should be, but it’s not the reality of it.”

“No Comment” is being produced through local nonprofit re:imagine/ATL, whose mission is to empower the next generation of storytellers through media production. The plan is to have 12-minute episodes that explore a theme in different vignettes. The teens working on the web series come from a wide variety of backgrounds across Atlanta.

Beyond the filmmaking, re:imagine/ATL’s founder Susanna Spiccia said that she hopes the web series inspires kids to be self-starters and confident.  

“I don’t care if they go on to be filmmakers. I want them to know how to talk to someone, or they can walk into a room and hold their ground,” she said. “That’s what we want with our kids, is that they have the confidence to go through life.”

“No Comment” is still looking for teens to be on their crew. More information is available here. They are looking to release the series in early 2016. You can watch the teaser here.

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