Santa Dee talks recovering from COVID, diversity and inclusion, shares a special holiday message

Santa Dee, also known as The Real Black Santa, joins “Closer Look” to discuss how he’s fairing this holiday season amid the pandemic.

An Atlanta-based Santa, says pre-pandemic, he was super booked with events.

“I would be losing my mind right now,” said Santa Dee, also known as The Real Black Santa, on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

Santa Dee further explained to program host Rose Scott that the pandemic has disrupted his industry, forcing some Santas to retire early.

During the conversation, Santa Dee talked about several Christmas-related topics, including his COVID-19 recovery story, scaling back this year from in-person events due to a lingering cough and the importance of Santas being more inclusive in their communication with children.

Santa Dee also shared encouraging words for families as they navigate this holiday season amid the global health crisis.

“Just keep loving on everyone and maybe we won’t have all of the issues in that we are having in the country, in the world if we show a little more love to each other,” said Santa Dee.

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