Let Us Know: How Are You Feeling One Week Into Social Distancing?

How are you? We want to know.
How are you? We want to know.
Credit Aaron Favil / Associated Press
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I have sent a lot of texts to friends this past week, just saying, “How are you?” Maybe you’ve been having similar conversations.

We want to hear from you, too.

How was week one of social distancing, and what are you hoping for this coming week?

Use a voice memo app on your phone to record your answer, please use complete sentences, and include your name and where you live. Then email your audio file to If you prefer to just email us with your contact information and some thoughts, that works, too.

We may use your answers on-air or online.

Molly Samuel, WABE reporter

P.S. How do you use voice memos, you ask?

With an iPhone, there is an app called Voice Memos that comes pre-installed, you don’t even have to download it first. Open it up, press the red record button, and you’re rolling. When you’re done, hit the red square to stop recording. That will save your file. Then, you can touch the three blue dots near the file name, choose share, then email it to use.

With an Android, the phones don’t necessarily come with an app preinstalled, but there are similar apps out there, that work in a similar way. Here are some recommendations.


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