'Speaking of the Arts': Vando Davis

Atlanta artist Vando specializes in neo-expressionism. (Courtesy of: Michael Moss)

Vando Davis is an Atlanta artist specializing in neo-expressionist painting.

“I get compared to Basquiat a lot,” he says. His work makes generous use of acrylic and oil pastel, with bright, bold colors evoking vibrant, kinetic energy.

The process Davis describes is immediate and intuitive. “I have no real true intent. When I go, I really just enjoy the journey of creating,” he says.

Davis discovered his love of painting relatively recently; five years ago, he picked up the brush intending to help his son relax while pursuing a stressful day-trading career. He found himself the one most enthralled.

“For that little bit of time, time just disappeared…. I realized that’s what I was meant to do,” Davis recalled.

An Atlanta resident since 1991, Vando attributes the city’s energy as an inspiring force to his art, which he likes to create outdoors.

Davis’s work can be found at vandodavis.com, and he’s on Instagram at @vandoart