'Speaking of the Arts': YoYo Cam

YoYo Cam is the an Atlanta artist and muralist. (Courtesy of @artchemists)

Cameron Moore, also known as YoYo Cam, is an Atlanta artist and muralist specializing in character design and concept art. Drawing influence from TV, comics, video games, and even cereal boxes, YoYo Cam brings his colorful characters to life with gestures and attitude.

“I’m also inspired by my life’s experiences and just being able to go to new places, see new things and meet new people,” says YoYo Cam. “These are all things that I pull from whenever it’s time to create a new character, a new wall.”

Born and raised in Atlanta, he considers it “an amazing place… There’s just no place on Earth like Atlanta.”

YoYo Cam likes to take in local art at destinations like Cat Eye Creative, MINT, and ABV Gallery.

His artwork can be found at www.yoyocamart.com and on Instagram at @yoyocam