The Supply Chain And COVID-19

Pinar Keskinocak, Professor, College of Engineering; and Director of the Center for Health and Humanitarian Systems

Courtesy of Pinar Keskinocak

Much like the internet isn’t one thing, the supply chain isn’t either.

Instead, it’s a complex, symbiotic relationship between consumption and production that, in theory, is supposed to balance out. And usually it does.

But when it doesn’t, you get the current toilet paper aisle at your favorite local grocery store with limited supplies.

Four months ago, WABE’s host of “All Things Considered,” Jim Burress asked Georgia Institute of Technology’s Pinar Keskinocak to break down the concept of the supply chain.

Monday, Keskinocak spoke to Burress again and gave an update, but she started the conversation with a reminder of what exactly the supply chain is.