Tyler Perry talks about Urban Entrepreneurship

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– Entertainment mogul Tyler Perry headlined an event on Urban Entrepreneurship. The forum, hosted by Mayor Kasim Reed and White House Officials, addressed topics on how to make a business successful.

Inside a packed auditorium in the Woodruff Arts Center, Mayor Kasim Reed told attendees what they'd get out of today's panels.

“This is a conversation about the deal that's going to help your business get stronger and take flight.”

Reed says successful business owners will share their triumphs and setbacks. One such speaker was Tyler Perry. In addition to telling audience members to stick to their dreams, Perry told them to stick to where they're from.

“Everything you need to make your business successful, everything you need to empower yourself, everything you need to grow, and be all that you want to be is already in your neighborhood.”

Perry talked about his own personal struggles, and he told the audience that they should keep working, to keep moving, as they try to get their business going.