WABE News Quiz, March 17, 2023


#1. Earlier this week, The Georgia House and Senate voted in favor of this bill that bans most medical treatments that help transgender kids affirm their gender identity…

It’s SB 140.

The bill approved by the House on Thursday would prohibit providing hormone replacement therapy and gender-affirming surgery to minors. Doctors and health care providers who don’t comply could lose their licenses and potentially be exposed to criminal or civil liability.

#2. A bill to ban mining near which national wildlife refuge remains stalled this week?

It’s Okefenokee.

A proposal to ban future mining near the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp and its vast wildlife refuge received a hearing Tuesday before a panel of Georgia lawmakers, who asked no questions of testifying experts and advocates before adjourning without a vote.

#3. Which metro Atlanta hospital expanded its facilities this week with a 10-story, $237 million outpatient center?

It’s Grady.

The Correll Pavilion offers outpatient care once offered at Grady’s main building, including outpatient surgeries, cancer treatment, rehabilitation and orthopedics, ophthalmology, oral surgery and other specialty health services.

#4. After 25 years in the Ponce area, which beloved metro Atlanta dance club announced its move from its current location to Underground Atlanta?

It’s MJQ Concourse.

It was recently announced that MJQ will move to Underground Atlanta. The club will take over the vacant spot that was once Dante’s Down the Hatch.

#5. Which Georgia-based HBCU has received full accreditation after two decades of being an unaccredited institution?

It’s Morris Brown College.

The institution has been making somewhat of a comeback in recent years. Enrollment is up and expected to keep growing. It has a new Esports program. The school also has plans to build a hotel on campus to train students to work in the hospitality and service industries.


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