WABE News Quiz, February 24, 2023


#1. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport had the highest number of what in 2022?

It’s guns found by TSA.

Atlanta’s airport had the most guns intercepted in 2022 — 448 — but that number was actually lower than the year before.

#2. True of False: A bipartisan group of state lawmakers has filed legislation to completely ban the booting of vehicles in Georgia.

It’s true.

Senate Bill 247 specifically bans towing and storage companies from using immobilization devices on cars that are improperly parked.

#3. Which Atlanta sports team fired its head coach this week?

It’s the Atlanta Hawks.

The Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday fired coach Nate McMillan, who was unable to follow up on the success of leading the team to the 2021 Eastern Conference finals.

#4. True of False: Jimmy Carter appointed more women and Black Georgians to posts in the judicial and executive branches than any Georgia governor before him.

It’s true.

Carter asked segregationists for their endorsement in order to get in elected to governor in Georgia but swiftly denounced racial discrimination in his 1971 inaugural speech.

#5. To try and help some of Georgia’s most vulnerable pregnant veterans, the Atlanta VA Clinic invites them to a series of surprise what?

It’s baby showers.

There is concern women veterans may be at heightened risk for pregnancy complications. So the Atlanta VA throws a shower every few months for about 20 pregnant veterans to provide supplies and encouragement and connect them with specialized medical care.


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