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What Will Become Of Empty APS School Buildings

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Now that the Atlanta Public Schools has a new redistricting plan, what will become of the closed schools?

The APS board modified Superintendent Erroll Davis’ rezoning plan by taking 3 schools off his recommended 10 that were slated for closure.

All of those schools are in moderate to low-income neighborhoods and an empty building could blight the neighborhood.

WABE’s Rose Scott has more.

APS spokesperson Keith Bromery told WABE, the district doesn’t want unoccupied schools buildings to start deteriorating and become an eyesore to the public.

Right now APS has 14 unoccupied former school buildings.

One has been approved to become a transportation hub.

The other will be leased for a Latin Academy Charter School.

Now add the newly approved school closings and APS will have 19 empty buildings.

It’s the same issue APS has faced before.

What to do with empty school buildings?

Bromery says a special group will have that task.

“They’re going to look to repurpose these buildings in some form or fashion so that they remain viable and used for purpose for the future” says Bromery.

That means all options will be considered including career academies, pre-k schools.

Some of the buildings are available for charter schools and according to Bromery a number of APS buildings are being used as charter schools.

The school system is committed to maintaining the grounds and opting not to simply board up a school says Bromery.

APS could consider selling the buildings however Bromery says that option must first pass any legal review.