Atlanta Mayor Reed: City Will Continue To Welcome Immigrants


Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said the city will continue to be a welcoming place for immigrants despite President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to deport millions of those without legal status.

Trump has vowed to withhold federal funding from “sanctuary cities,” – jurisdictions that limit law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials.

“I’m not prepared to make a judgment about us being a sanctuary city, but we are going to be a welcoming city and we’re going to continue all of our outreach efforts to foreign-born individuals,” Reed said.

After the election, several Democratic mayors across the country have said they will continue their sanctuary policies in response to Trump’s plans to crack on illegal immigration.

Reed said using the city’s police force for immigration enforcement will not be a priority under his administration.

“The priority is keeping the people of Atlanta safe and not executing federal mandates related to immigration,” Reed said.

Reed said the city of Atlanta had the second-fastest growing foreign-born population by percentage on the eastern seaboard.

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