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Community Feedback Crucial In Saving Elementary Schools From Closing

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After months of demographic studies, community meetings and several revised proposals…the Atlanta Board of Education approved a redistricting plan for the Atlanta Public Schools.

The APS board approved Superintendent Erroll Davis’ plan but with modification.

As WABE’s Rose Scott reports, it was the fervent community pleads that removed 3 schools from the closure list.

During the board meeting Superintendent Davis ruffled plenty of feathers when he remarked, “as I’ve tried to stress…our focus is also rightly or wrongly more on kids not than communities.”

But it was clear, messages about the partnership that exists between the community and its neighborhood school were a main point during the public comment session.

Dolores Lattimore told the board she’s live in the GA Towns neighborhood for 45 years

It serves as “an anchor for our community”, said the longtime resident.

Dr. Kenneth Walker told the board the Southside cares about their schools just as their north counterparts.

“We may not have the resources that our brothers and sisters have on the north side, we may not have the money and the means but our children matter, our students matter, our community matters” said Walker.

GA Towns, DH Stanton and FL Stanton elementary schools were spared from the closure list.

After the long meeting that lasted well into Wednesday, Superintendent Davis talked about the importance of community input.

Davis went on to say APS also has a responsibility and it’s up to us now I think as an administration of doing a much better job of sustaining that engagement thru outreach that we haven’t done in the past.”

That statement was well received by the audience.