GSU researcher explains how cityhood feasibility studies are conducted

Photo of a South DeKalb neighborhood that’s included in the DeKalb Cityhood Movement. (Courtesy of Claudette Leak)

Courtesy of Claudette Leak

Several cityhood movements are happening across metro Atlanta.

And there are several steps a committee or group must take to create a city, including approval from local lawmakers.

According to the Georgia House Budget and Research Committee, the group wanting to create a city must have a sponsorship from a lawmaker and have a feasibility study conducted.

Peter Bluestone is a senior research associate at the Center for State and Local Finance at Georgia State University, which created the feasibility study for the proposed City of East Cobb. He talked with “Closer Look” program host Rose Scott on Friday about the process of conducting a feasibility study.

“The goal of a feasibility study is education, right — educating the committee who is interested in forming the new city, educating citizens in the area who would be impacted by such a city and providing information to policymakers,”  said Bluestone.

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