On the right and left, activists and organizers prep in Georgia for the campaign ahead

The Arena Summit attracted progressive organizers from around the country to downtown Atlanta on Saturday, April 20. "The South's Got Something to Say" panel featured organizers from Georgia, Texas and Alabama. (Sam Gringlas/WABE)

With less than 200 days until Election Day 2024, right-wing grassroots activists and progressive organizers are gearing up for the campaign ahead.

On the first episode of “Plugged In,” WABE politics reporters Rahul Bali and Sam Gringlas bring listeners along as they attend two events, just forty miles apart but on polar opposites of the political spectrum: the Georgia Republican Party’s 7th Congressional District Convention and the Arena Summit.

Constituents gather at the Georgia Republican Party 7th Congressional District Convention at South Forsyth High School in Cumming on April 20, 2024. (Rahul Bali/WABE)

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