Daughter of Motown Rhonda Ross Kendrick Performs At Atlanta Jazz Festival

Rhonda Ross Kendrick is the daughter of Motown legends Diana Ross and Berry Gordy.

Austin Hein Photography

Singer/Songwriter, Rhonda Ross is part of an American musical legacy that shaped the culture of our country. Her mother is Diana Ross and her father is Motown founder, Berry Gordy. She is quite literally a child of Motown, although she has come to Atlanta for the jazz.

Rhonda spoke with Lois Reitzes about her famous mother and her apprenticeship with legendary jazz musician and activist, Abbey Lincoln.

“She [Lincoln] said that there’s no such thing as jazz. There’s no such thing as any genre of music that’s industry created. You make the music that’s inside of you. Duke Ellington made Duke’s music and Thelonious Monk was making Monk’s music and she told me that I need to make my own music,” Ross said.

That apprenticeship also led to the introduction of  Ross’ husband and musical collaborator, veteran jazz pianist, Rodney Kendrick, who was Lincoln’s music director at the time.

Rhonda Ross and Rodney Kendrick will perform their original compositions on the Meadow Stage at the Atlanta Jazz Festival at Piedmont Park this Saturday at 5 p.m.