Davia Nelson And Roman Mars On Podcasting, ‘Radiotopia Live’

Helen Zaltzman (of “The Allusionist” podcast) and Roman Mars (“99% Invisible”) will take their storytelling to the stage tonight in Atlanta.

Alex Shonkoff

Listening to radio shows and podcasts is often a solitary activity — you listen in your car on your morning commute, or in headphones as you walk your dog, or whenever you get a spare moment.

Monday night, however, Atlanta audiences have a chance to both hear and see some of their favorite shows right in front of them. Radiotopia Live hits Center Stage Monday evening, and two of the podcast collective’s creatives joined Lois Reitzes on “City Lights:” Roman Mars, host of “99% Invisible” and co-founder of Radiotopia, and Davia Nelson of the Kitchen Sisters.

Radiotopia Live is a sampling of the collective’s podcasts, with hosts and producers telling their normally audio-only stories with the aid of visuals and a live band. Nelson described the show as “journalism as performing arts.”

Radiotopia Live’s East Coast Tour comes to Center Stage Monday at 8 p.m.