Georgia Bird Festival invites bird lovers to a wide array of outdoor experiences

A Dark-eyed Junco. (Marlene Koslowsky)

The annual monthlong Georgia Bird Festival kicks off April 22. This year, Georgia Audubon is inviting bird lovers to participate in a wide array of outdoor experiences, from easy around-town bird-watching walks to adventurous overnighters taking place in various locations across the state.

Participants can also join educational programs on bird photography, bird identification and how to attract birds to their own backyards.

Sheridan Alford, director of community engagement at the Georgia Audubon, spoke with “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes to share more about this year’s bird festival events.

“Our event leaders are a part of our master birder program and they help people spot birds, whether they’re beginners or advanced,” Alford said.

The Georgia Bird Festival will take place from April 22 — May 21 at several locations across the state. You can find more information about festival events here.