Georgia Tech, Georgia Power Testing Out 1.4 MW Microgrid In Midtown

Supporters of microgrids say the self-contained electric grids, which can operate independently from a power grid, are the solution to preventing power outages and creating clean electricity.

Locally, The Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Power recently started testing out a 1.4-megawatt microgrid in Tech Square.

The Tech Square Microgrid is currently being used to study how a microgrid can integrate and operate as part of the overall electrical grid.

Dr. Tim Lieuwen, a Regents’ professor, the holder of the David S. Lewis, Jr. Chair, and executive director of the Strategic Energy Institute at Georgia Tech, says the world is constantly changing and there’s an ongoing need to look at ways to minimize the carbon footprint.

“We are doing a lot of things to better understand how these microgrids interact with the buildings they’re in,” explained Dr. Tim Lieuwen on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

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