Google Reveals Georgia’s Top Searches for Republican Primary

Many Georgians will hit the polls for tomorrow’s Super Tuesday primary. But according to the Internet search company Google, they’re also leaving their mark online.

“The economy.” “Unemployment.” “Bankruptcy.” “Debt.”

Like other Americans keeping up with the Republican primary, Georgians Google these terms the most. By comparing hundreds of millions of search terms, the Internet giant says the economy has outpaced social issues this election.

But Googling candidates is a bit different.

“Looking at Georgia specifically in the run up to Super Tuesday, it’s Rick Santorum who’s most searched, and it’s actually Newt Gingrich who is the least searched of the four candidates,” says Abbi Tatton, a manager at the Google Election Center.

She says even though searches for Gingrich are behind the pack, the percentage of Georgians Googling him is still more than in other states.

Republican candidate Ron Paul trails Santorum in Georgia for searches, followed by Romney and then Gingrich. But Tatton warns against drawing too much from Google hits.

“Search doesn’t necessarily mean a vote,” she says.

And a lack of searches might not reflect support either, with Gingrich still a favorite to win Georgia’s primary.