Global Health Task Force leader discusses combating the pandemic and upcoming retirement

Dr. David Ross, the head of the Task Force for Global Health, discusses several topics, including his tenure at the Atlanta-based NGO, and what’s next for him as he prepares to step down from his post and combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

New data shows that the death toll from COVID-19 in the U.S. hit 1 million on Monday.

Dr. David Ross, the president and CEO of the Decatur-based nongovernmental organization Task Force for Global Health, says the way to combat the COVID-19 pandemic is for the vast majority of the population to get vaccinated.

“It’s not vaccines that matter, it’s vaccinations,” explained Ross on Monday’s edition of “Closer Look.”

During the conversation, Ross talked with program host Rose Scott about several topics, including the Task Force for Global Health’s response to the pandemic, the importance of strengthening global health surveillance and the public health threat of gun violence.

Ross also discussed his tenure leading the task force and what’s next for him as he prepares to step down from his post.

“Public health is so important to me, it gets in your blood,” said Ross.