MoGo executive director talks pros and cons of bike-sharing

People using bike-sharing options in Detroit. (Courtesy of MoGo)

The bike-sharing industry is growing and evolving across the country.

Heavily populated cities across the U.S. are encouraging people to take more car-less trips and providing biking options for their respective residents.

On Tuesday’s edition of “Closer Look,”  Adriel Thornton, the executive director of MoGo, a Detroit-based nonprofit transit service, talked with program host Rose Scott about transportation models and best practices that have worked in the Motor City that could work in metro Atlanta.

During the conversation, Thornton stressed the importance of educating the public about bike-sharing services.

“Make sure that you do community meetings for places that you are planning to put bike share stations in,” said Thornton. “If you don’t tell the community that they are coming or that they are for them, or how to access them, you are not going to get buy-in.”