National Museum of Commercial Aviation Closer to Building New Campus

Credit Courtesy: National Museum of Commercial Aviation

After years of careful planning and fundraising, officials with the National Museum of Commercial Aviation are ready to tout its expansion. 

Right now, the museum is housed is in a temporary location in Forrest Park.

But over the next few years, a new campus will begin to take shape adjacent to Hartsfield-Jackson’s new International terminal.

At its annual gala this weekend, the museum announced a one-year, $350,000 public capital campaign.  FedEx, already a large supporter of the museum, donated $25,000 to the efforts.  A benefactor added another $20,000.

Executive Director Grant Wainscott says the museum serves a unique purpose, because it allows visitors to get up-close to an industry that’s often off-limits.

“You can’t take a tour of the airport anymore.  You’re so distant from the jobs and the equipment and the life of the men and women that run our skies.  We want to give kids that ‘a ha!’ moment.”

A groundbreaking for the first of four phases is planned for late 2013, with the first building opening sometime in 2014.