New initiative aims to celebrate Black farmers and boost tourism in southwest Georgia

Clinton Vicks, an Albany-based farmer and operator of The Vicks Estate, discusses the goals of the Southwest Georgia Agri-Tourism Trail initiative. ( Photo credit: Jermaine Jackson)

Clinton Vicks says he grew up working the farm with his grandparents in Albany.

The fifth-generation farmer left home to go to college and pursue his professional goals but says he returned after 18 years to reinvest in his community.

On Friday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Vicks, who operates The Vicks Estate, talked with program host Rose Scott about what people can expect when they visit his estate and discussed the goals of the Southwest Georgia Agri-Tourism Trail initiative, a collection of Airbnb stays throughout southwest Georgia hosted by Black farmers. 

“This is an opportunity for people to not only relax and enjoy but to learn in the process, ” said Vicks. We are able to connect the current population and  current generation who don’t know necessarily know what farming is for the Black community and African Americans.”

Vicks also talked about his experience being denied for a USDA loan and the pride he takes in being a Black farmer in America.