Progress and challenges 70 years after SCOTUS ruling to end school segregation

Friday marks 70 years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the Brown v. Board of Education. (Library of Congress, Associated Press)

It was May 17, 1954, when a unanimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court labeled racial segregation in public schools as unequal and unconstitutional.

On Friday’s special edition of “Closer Look,” show host Rose Scott spoke with guests about the Brown v. Board of Education decision, prevailing and systemic issues within school systems today, and the ongoing work to create change.

A professor also discusses efforts to better educate and equip teachers with the racial, pedagogical and content knowledge to engage in dialogue with students about racial issues.

Guests include:

First, Charles Black, the former chairman of the Atlanta Student Movement and current board chair of Freedom University

Dr. Chantelle Grace, an assistant clinical professor of Social Science Education, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences at Florida State University