'Speaking of Music': Rare Birds

Rare Birds has an upcoming show on July 2nd at Star Bar in Lil 5 Points. (Photo Credit: Carlton Freeman)

Rare Birds is a four-piece band whose genre is primarily ’70s rock, blues, gospel and soul.

Brandon Neal, the guitarist and vocalist for the Atlanta-based band, first became interested in music after listening to his father’s cassette tapes growing up.

“We were listening to some gospel and Rolling Stones…a nice rotation that led nicely into starting to play some local churches and gospel music, and then graduated to some seedy dive bars and biker establishments,” he said. “Now, I’m happy to be playing with these guys down here in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Writing music is therapeutic and cathartic for Neal because it allows him to write about his life experiences.

One of the featured songs in the segment is “Thistle Down.”

“The name is derived from a horse track, not necessarily about gambling, more about the effort, energy, and time you put into life and put into others in this world. And not really receiving back what you expect or hoped to receive for everything you’ve given,” he explained.

Rare Birds has two upcoming shows, one on July 2 at Star Bar in Little Five Points and the other on Aug. 6 at From the Earth Brewery. You can check them out on Instagram: @rarebirdsatl