Teen Killed By MARTA Police Officer

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There are conflicting reports as to what exactly happened late Saturday night at the Vine City Marta station.

A MARTA officer shot and fatally wounded a 19-year old while responding to a call about a fight among two groups.

WABE's Rose Scott reports, the incident is now being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

So far the GBI is not making any statements regarding the shooting.

However in a statement from MARTA, Officer Robert Waldo allegedly confronted an armed suspect.

That would be 19-year Joetavius Stafford.

According to MARTA's police report, the officer is named as the victim and Stafford as the offender.

However, in televised interviews Stafford's brother claims the officer shot

Joetavius three times in the back.

A MARTA spokesperson told WABE the officer is on paid administrative leave.

The last officer involved shooting was in 2008 and that occurred at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta.