Two Atlanta Entrepreneurs Create ‘TmrO App’ To Help Freelancers Connect With Local Creatives

The 'TmrO app' was created by music industry veteran Don Cannon and creative entrepreneur Kayla Shelton, both from Atlanta.
The 'TmrO app' was created by music industry veteran Don Cannon and creative entrepreneur Kayla Shelton, both from Atlanta.
Credit TmrO

Since the pandemic hit, millions of Americans have turned to freelancing in order to help with their income. Two Atlanta entertainment entrepreneurs, Kayla Shelton and Don Cannon have created a new app in response to this. The TmrO app allows freelance creatives to seek out jobs in their area in an instant. They spoke via Zoom with “City Lights” producer Summer Evans about this new platform.

Interview Highlights:

The inspiration behind the TmrO app:

“In 2018, I was taking a step back from designing and wanted to do something different. I wanted to create something with an impact, something that’s very useful for my peers. So, I started dabbling into production and things like that, then I had an ‘aha moment.’ A friend of mine, who’s been working in the film industry for a long time, hadn’t booked another project, so she started Doordashing. She came to me and was like ‘Yeah girl, I’ve been Doordashing in order to keep afloat, but I haven’t been able to book anything.’ And that’s when I thought ‘Dang, why isn’t there not a Doordash for creative freelancers?’ That was really the spark, so I ran it by Don because he’s a techy. He has like every app, every computer, every phone, every gadget. He has reviewed it, so I figured I would run it by him and he loved it,” said Shelton.

How the app works:

Cannon explained, “You can set up your profile as a creative, but also set up your profile as a talent seeker. You display a lot of your portfolio, your products, write a bio, add a picture. Just have something for people to explore. For me, I have a list of different jobs that I’m actually putting out there to hire creatives for. As of right now for example, I have a job seeking people to help me create new logos for some brands that I have. I also have another job to reinvent some of the merch lines I have for some artists.” He continued, “I have a hard time just continuously having one platform to find everybody. I don’t want have to keep going everywhere to do it.”

Shelton added that TmrO differs from other freelancing apps such as Fiverr and due to its quick payment system and its in-person offerings.

“We pay our freelancers within 48 hours of completing a project and no other platform is doing that. Secondly, we offer in-person creative services, as well as digital and remote services. Fiverr is all digital and there’s not a place for creatives that actually have to show up on set or work alongside a team. With that offering, we’re able to match a broader customer need.”

She continued, “A feature we’re launching really soon is ‘Instant Book.’ It gives you the capability of booking a creative based on their current availability, their proximity to the client or project, and their drive time. If you need to find someone last minute or you’re traveling for a project and this is not your hometown, and you don’t know who to reach out to, the ‘Instant Book’ feature allows you to discover and book and pay someone, as easily as you would for Uber.”

TmrO has also launched a StartEngine campaign for those wanting to invest and own a piece of the company. Funds raised will be used to assist with the evolution and further buildout of the platform including new features being launched later this year.

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