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10th & Juniper Offers Affordable Housing For Aging, Disabled

A rendering of the 10th & Juniper housing development for the aging and disabled that’s currently under renovation.

Located in Midtown, 10th & Juniper is one of 13 public housing assisted residential properties owned and operated by the Atlanta Housing Authority. Eleven of those 13 properties are senior high-rise communities and the other two are small family communities.

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Residents of the high-rise communities are elderly (age 62 or older), near elderly (age 55-61), and non-elderly disabled adults. In this installment of Closer Look’s affordable housing series, co-host Rose Scott took a tour of 10th & Juniper during its renovation. She spoke to developer Columbia residential, the construction firm, J.M. Wilkerson, and officials with Atlanta Housing Authority.

In part two of this installment, Rose Scott spoke to Atlanta Housing Authority CEO Catherine Buell about the changing public perception of public housing, and how to ensure that the aging and disabled can afford to continue living in Atlanta.