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6 Videos That Made A Private School In Southeast Atlanta Famous

Videos produced by The Ron Clark Academy have put the Atlanta private school in the spotlight.
Videos produced by The Ron Clark Academy have put the Atlanta private school in the spotlight.
Credit Jenni Girtman / Associated Press file
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Have you seen that viral video of middle-school students jumping up and down, dancing on tables and chairs, clapping, singing, chanting and playing drums because they learned they were going to see Marvel’s new “Black Panther” movie?

Well, those students attend a private school in southeast Atlanta called The Ron Clark Academy, and the students and teachers there have even more up their sleeves.

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Their recent video has garnered more than 7 million views on Facebook and 700,000 views on Twitter.  In recent years, the school has produced energetic and educational videos that have gone viral and have been viewed by millions.

The Ron Clark Academy enrolls 120 students in grades 5-8 and has become famous for its different approach to education and the classroom experience. In 2017, the school received a $5 million donation from Oprah Winfrey.

Here are five more videos from the past decade that made The Ron Clark Academy famous, starting with the most recent.

Red Carpet Welcome To Fifth-Graders

In April, founder Ron Clark shared a video of his students welcoming the incoming fifth-graders via a red carpet. His tweet got thousands of shares and likes.

“We believe in starting things big and ending things big!” Clark told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Our school is academically a beast, so we surround the students with love, passion and energy to help them get through.”

Decade Of Dance Moves

In April 2016, The New Yorker published a 4 1/2-minute video on YouTube, where students showed off popular dance moves like the “whip and nae nae,” the “Soulja Boy” and the “dab.”

Clips from the YouTube video were also used in The New Yorker’s “A Decade of Viral Dance Moves.”

“As part of its annual Entertainment Issue, The New Yorker’s website featured some of the decade’s most viral dance moves, performed by dancers around the country,” WSB-TV reported.

“In The A”

Students boogied in their YouTube video titled, “In The A #HotPocketChallenge,” which was posted in May.

The video caught the media’s attention and received thousands of views on YouTube.


Many have shared videos with #DoItLikeMeChallenge, as they dance along to the song, “Bet You Can’t Do It Like Me” by artist, iAmDLOW.

The Ron Clark Academy’s challenge video went viral in January 2016 and received more than 3 million views. The video is still available on the school’s Instagram account.

You Can Vote However You Like

“Obama on the left, McCain on the right; you can vote however you like,” Ron Clark’s students sang in their 2008 song inspired by “Whatever You Like” by rapper T.I.

The song garnered so much national attention that T.I. himself even stopped by the school for a visit, according to Time.

In 2012, the students created another video for the Romney-Obama election called “Vote Like That.”