6-Year-Old Girl Scout From Georgia Sells Thousands Of Cookies After Viral Video

A 6-year-old Georgia girl and her father recently went viral after posting a video to market Girl Scout cookies. Charity Joy and Seymore Harrison, who are from Duluth, sang to the tune of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.”

The video went viral on Facebook and is now available on Charity Joy’s YouTube channel.

Since then, Charity Joy has appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” with Donald Glover himself, aka Childish Gambino. He bought 113 boxes of cookies to help her meet her goal.

On Friday, Charity Joy brought her parents, Seymore and Patrice Harrison, to appear on WABE’s “Closer Look with Rose Scott.”

Patrice said her daughter has sold more than 6,000 cookies so far. Her original goal was 1,300.

“She has these leadership qualities,” said Patrice, who is also Charity Joy’s troop leader. “She doesn’t quit.”

At home, Charity Joy uses a vision board to set goals for herself, and one of those goals was her YouTube channel.

“She loves watching YouTube videos with other kids and slime videos,” Patrice said.

Many were touched by the special moment Seymore shared with his daughter in the car, and Patrice said the viral video changed the narrative for minority families.

“These two are like two peas in a pod,” she said. “To see this unit to be plastered all over the news and everything, it just changes the narrative.”

Seymore said that he has received many messages from men on social media, asking for advice on spending more time with their daughters. Some celebrities have shared their video.

“People said, ‘I haven’t smiled all day, but when I watched this it filled me with joy,’” Patrice said.