7 spring trees and blossoms to look for in Atlanta

An azalea is seen during a practice round for the Masters golf tournament earlier this month in Augusta. Azaleas – a must-have plant in the South, according to Southern Living — are among the spring blooms that can be seen in Atlanta.

David J. Phillip / Associated Press

Spring has sprung in Georgia. Can’t you tell?

Pollen has descended from trees above. Flowers are blooming, and temperatures are warming.

Many spring blooms have already made a debut in Atlanta. Here are some of the flora that you might be able to find around town.

Flowering Dogwood

Flowering Dogwood (Courtesy of USDA)

Many flowering dogwoods in Atlanta have already shown their soft, white petals. Dogwoods are deciduous trees, native to the northeastern and southeastern United States, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Their fruit is poisonous to humans, and flowering dogwoods can reach up to 5 to 15 feet.


Southern Living magazine has said that azaleas are a must-have plant if you live in the South. You’ve probably seen azalea bushes decorating people’s front-lawn gardens, and you might have some planted at your home.

Some azalea bushes bloom in the springtime, and some may bloom in the summer and fall, according to University of Georgia Extension’s publication on the plant. Several species are native to Georgia, with colors of bright yellow, red, orange, white, pink and more.

Their bright-colored flowers and adaptability are part of what makes them a popular Georgia shrub.

American Holly

American Hollies may be thought of as Christmastime trees, but their white flowers actually bloom in the springtime. American Hollies are usually 15 to 30 feet and can reach up to 50 feet in the wild, according to the Georgia Native Plant Society.

Eastern Redbud (Courtesy of the National Park Service)

Its flowers bloom in the spring and are a dull white-green.

Eastern Redbud

Eastern Redbuds have thin, papery leaves that are about 3 to 5 inches long, according to Trees Atlanta.

From a distance, you’ll be able to admire their pinkish-purple fruits that begin showing up in the spring.

Native Crabapple

Native Crabapples are small and thorny, according to Trees Atlanta. Pink, white or red flowers sprout in the spring, and fruit grows in later seasons.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms bloom during March and April. (J. David Ake/Associated Press file)

Every year, some Georgia cities like Brookhaven and Macon host cherry blossom festivals.

The tree’s pinkish-white flowers are known to bloom during March and April, according to Gibbs Gardens.