About WABE

WABE is Atlanta’s hub for culture, news and conversation. We create original, award-winning content, and we broadcast renowned shows from NPR, Public Radio International, American Public Media and more.

We report. We create. We curate. And we do all of it so that our neighbors in metro Atlanta can be informed about what’s going on across the world and in their communities. We connect. By sharing information, perspectives, concerns, trials and triumphs, WABE’s content breaks down barriers and builds bridges across the people and neighborhoods of the city we call home.

         OUR VISION

To be the most valued source of information in people’s lives.

         OUR MISSION

We inspire a community of life-long learners

For news and culture, for inspiration and ideas, for facts and clarity, Metro Atlanta relies on us and we rely on you.

WABE is a community-supported alternative to commercial media and 84% of our funding comes directly from the community. Thousands of the people and businesses who call Atlanta home choose to invest in WABE, because it means supporting facts, clarity, editorial independence and enterprising content from a media company that is committed to the vibrant community in which we all live. Your donations empower all that we do.

From 90.1 FM to wabe.org, from our newsletters to our podcasts, our content takes listeners around the metro Atlanta area, the country, and the world with engaging, multi-faceted stories and commentaries. Our locally-produced content includes:

WABE also hosts numerous community events, forums and speaking engagements that take connecting Atlanta beyond air-time. They range from intimate settings to large gatherings. We also serve the community by creating educational programs that are used across the metro area and beyond.

WABE 90.1 FM is part of Public Broadcasting Atlanta (PBA), a 501 (3)(c) nonprofit company. Together with Atlanta’s PBS station, ATL PBA, WABE is a service of Atlanta Public Schools in partnership with the Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative (AETC). You may view the organization’s most recent Form 990 here.