Academy Theatre, Resurgence Productions Explore A Family Dealing With Alzheimer’s

The Academy Theatre’s production of “Things That Hurt” runs through Nov. 12

Courtesy of Robert Drake

The struggles that affect people at the end of life is universal even for the people you look up to.

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That’s explored in the Academy Theatre and Resurgence Productions’ co-presentation of the play “Things That Hurt.” The lead character Edward Lewis is something of a Civil Rights icon as both a physician and as an Olympic athlete, but his family has become undone by his Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke with Academy Theatre’s artistic director Robert Drake why it’s important to humanize our heroes.

“Though you have courage and distinction in the public sphere, you still have to fight with your kids,” he said. “We see they have faults and yet we can see they can still come back. and they still have that kernel of courage and decency and goodness, no matter what mistakes they make.”

“Things That Hurt” runs through Nov. 12 at the Academy Theatre’s stage in Hapeville. You can hear more about the production in the interview above that also features Resurgence Productions’ Robb Douglas and lead actor Taurean Blacque.