Acclaimed Atlanta rock trio Omni brings signature sound to the EARL

Post-punk Atlanta band "Omni' consists of band members Frankie Broyles, Chris Yonker and Philip Frobos. (Courtesy of Gem Hale)

Acclaimed Atlanta rock trio Omni is back with a new record that hones their signature sound to a fine point. The album “Souvenir” is the band’s 4th release and their 2nd since being signed to influential label Sub Pop. The music is infectious, energetic, and offbeat, driven by the clarity of Frankie Broyles’ guitar arrangements, the punchy musicality of Chris Yonker’s drumming, and the vocal swagger of lead singer Philip Frobos.

Omni launches its next tour with a show at the EARL on Feb. 24.

In this interview, “City Lights” managing producer Kim Drobes spoke with band members Frankie, Chris, and Phillip.