Atlanta Nurse Creates Her Own Company To Help Employers With ‘COVID-19 Preparedness’

Rachell Dumas is a registered nurse and founder of Onward Healthcare Solutions and Education LLC.

Onward Healthcare Solutions and Education LLC

Georgia was one of the first states to reopen for business amid the COVID-19 pandemic — a decision that was heavily criticized by public health officials across the country.

Still, the governor and state officials are encouraging local businesses to follow guidelines and best practices from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Is this enough? Also, what should business owners consider before opening their doors?

One new local business owner wants to help. And, her business has a backstory.

Rachell Dumas is a local registered nurse who recently founded her own company that specializes in helping businesses and schools implement COVID-19 preparedness measures.

It’s called Onward Healthcare Solutions and Education.

On Monday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Dumas joined host Rose Scott for a conversation about her own personal experience recovering from COVID-19, why she started her business and what she thinks employers should know about preparing for the pandemic.


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