Alliance Theatre Adapts ‘The Dancing Granny’ For The Stage

”The Dancing Granny” choreographer, dancer and actor Ameenah Kaplan and director Leora Morris talk with Reitzes about the production, today on ”City Lights,”

Courtesy of the Alliance Theatre


The Alliance Theatre hits the road this season. While its theater is being renovated, they are bringing their productions to venues around the city.

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The first this season is an adaptation of artist and author Ashley Bryan’s book “The Dancing Granny.” The family-friendly production, written by Jiréh Breon Holde, is filled with music and, of course, dance.

Ameenah Kaplan does the choreography and plays the dancing granny in the production. In it, the granny uses the joys of drumming and dancing to win over a spider who is trying to steal goods from her gardens.

“I know that my first drum set was the kitchen sink,” Kaplan said in an interview with Lois Reitzes. “I related to that drive or need to connect rhythmically to the environment around you and how happy that makes you.”

The Dancing Granny” is at the Conant Performing Arts Center at Oglethorpe University June 10 through June 18. Then it will be performed at the Galloway School from June 24 through July 2. And finally, it will be at Spelman College July 8 through July 16.

Ashley Bryan’s illustrations are also on display at the High Museum of Art.

You can hear more from Kaplan and director Leora Morris in the interview above.