Alliance Theatre’s ‘Goodnight, Tyler’ Focuses On Remembering A Legacy Over The Death

Andrea Frye, Travis Turner, Alex V. Gibson and Danielle Deadwyler in the Alliance Theatre’s production of
“Goodnight, Tyler.”

Greg Mooney

Who lives? Who dies? Who tells your story? The personal pain of witnessing brutality and justice denied has long inspired public response, from the football field to the stage. Influenced by the murder of Michael Brown, BJ Tindal wrote the play, “Goodnight Tyler.”

The story follows Tyler Evans, a young Black man who was killed by a police officer and returns to haunt his best friend to make sure that he is remembered for how he lived and not how he died.

Playwright, BJ Tindal and director, Kent Gash both joined Lois in studio to discuss the play.

BJ Tindal on creating the play “What I love about this kind of work is getting to hear people’s stories, you get this kind of privilege of people opening up to you without really knowing them.”

The play will run through March 10 on the Hertz Stage of the Alliance Theatre.

After each performance there will be a discussion about the play hosted by various community leaders.