American Academy of Sleep Medicine pushes for permanent standard time

A clock technician adjusts the hands on a large outdoor clock under construction at Electric Time Company in Medfield, Mass, last year, just days before daylight saving time was set to end.

Steven Senne / Steven Senne

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is calling for the ending of daylight saving time and the adoption of moving to permanent standard time—citing health benefits.

Data suggest time changes in March and November, could be hurtful to one’s health and is also a potential safety hazard—including an increased risk of adverse cardiovascular issues, mood disorders, and car accidents.

On Wednesday’s edition of “Closer Look,” Dr. Jennifer Martin, the president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine,  told show host Rose Scott that places like Mexico, Arizona and Hawaii have already adopted permanent standard time.

“All the science points to permanent standard time as the best way to align our internal clock as humans to the rising and setting of the sun, “ said Martin.