American Medical Association to Delta Air Lines: Eliminate Racial Bias

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The American Medical Association has penned a letter to Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines, calling on the carrier to “eliminate bias at every level” reports the Boston Globe.

The note comes after a highly accomplished physician aboard a flight to Boston came to the aid of a sick passenger last month. According to the Boston Globe, flight attendants repeatedly asked Dr. Fatima Cody Stanford, who is African-American, to show her medical credentials.

Dr. Cody Stanford, an Emory University and Medical College of Georgia graduate originally from Atlanta, is an obesity specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

In the letter, the president of the AMA called the incident “humiliating,” and asks “Delta use this latest incident as a teachable moment.”

The letter went on to say racial bias can be dangerous in a health emergency, “when every second counts.”

Indianapolis-based Republic Airline operated the flight branded as Delta Connection.  The airline did not respond to WABE’s request for comment.