Art Farm at Serenbe presents 'Voice: A Night of Spoken Word' hosted by poet Jon Goode

Highly acclaimed Atlanta-based poet, playwright, and author Jon Goode hosts “Voice: A Night of Spoken Word” at Serenbe on September 23. (Courtesy of Steve Eberhardt)

Jon Goode is a highly acclaimed Atlanta-based poet, playwright and author. He is the regular host of The Moth StorySLAM in Atlanta and the author of the novel “Mydas” and “Conduit,” a collection of poems and short stories.

He’ll host the event “Voice: A Night of Spoken Word” at Serenbe on Sept. 23, featuring four celebrated Atlanta artists, joined by a live band.

In this interview, “City Lights” host Lois Reitzes speaks with the poet about the event.

“Sometimes I use humor as a device to get across a message that may be a little hard to digest and that makes it easier to digest,” Goode said.

“A Night of Spoken Word” is on Saturday, Sept. 23, at the Serenbe Wildflower Meadow. More information is available here.