ARTiculate ATL Showcases Emerging Artists With Live-Streamed Art Show

Their livestream art show will be Aug. 1 starting at 7pm.
Their livestream art show will be Aug. 1 starting at 7pm.
Credit ARTiculate ATL

ARTiculate Atlanta is an annual urban art social that aims to bring art and culture enthusiasts together. The curators of the event had to get creative for this year’s social due to the pandemic.

“City Lights” host Lois Reitzes spoke via Zoom with Esohe Galbreath, the co-founder of Urban Art Expression and curator of ARTiculate ATL. She was joined by artist Donyelle Rideaux to discuss the virtual live-streamed art show.

“About eight years ago, my husband and I came together with our [business] partners Brandon Ball and Courtney Ware, and we decided we wanted to have an art party, but at this art party, art would be the focus and the emphasis. We wanted to provide emerging artists a clean space to showcase their work and artistry, which is something we just hadn’t seen much of in the city at that point-in-time,” said Galbreath.

Rideaux uses the technique stippling, also known as Pointillism.

“Working on each piece is a form of meditation for me, where I spend countless hours defining the tiniest of details. With stippling and pointillism I am able to dissect an object down to a single point, giving me the control to incorporate the smallest nuances that make my work come to life. In order to achieve this high level of realism, I dedicate a minimum of 24 working hours to each piece,” said Rideaux.

She will be showcasing works from her “Hardened Series,” which can be seen on her Instagram, as well as other pieces.

“I wanted to incorporate the strength, but flowing movement of liquid metal and that reflective value that you get whenever it kind of hardens over an object. The personal aspect and the figures behind those objects came from a more personal experience that not only me, but a lot of people go through. How society views you and how heartbreak or trials and tribulations and different pains you go through in life kind of hardens who you become in the future,” she said about the inspiration behind the series.

The artwork from the online gallery will be available for purchase here. The ARTiculate art show will be streamed Aug. 1 starting at 7 p.m. You can register here for the event.

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